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Achieve your dreams of franchise ownership today!

Franchise Development Incorporated (FDI), will enable you to explore franchise and business opportunities offered by our international partners that are the fastest growing concepts available to you.  We represent several of the most familiar and not so familiar franchises. This allows you a complete review of the franchises available within your investment range and areas of interest. Our experience and wisdom can quickly supply you well needed support in this venture. FDI provides a free consultation service to help you identify the best franchises to meet your business ownership dreams. FDI and it's partners are the "real entrepreneurs" in franchise consulting. 

We will arrange a consultation to gather information about your experience, business goals, investment ranges,  and most importantly, get to know you... (maybe family succession planning goals) and what may be a good fit based on this personal background and goals. This interview will allow us to gather important information to narrow down our research in order to identify franchises that are the "ideal" choice for you and your family, your qualifications and specifications.

Once we have your unique requirements, we will discuss franchise and business opportunity types that match your criteria. We will identify and educate you on appropriate franchises and business opportunities for your review. 

Once you have chosen franchises or business opportunities that you wish to further investigate, we will qualify you with our franchise partners and put you in the front of the line. Our partners recognize the pre-screening value we bring them, this allows you to receive first class treatment to receive the appropriate documents and quick replies.


Options that do not make sen$e, frustration, un-certainity about your future, your income, and retirement goals. Believe us, you are not alone. Our success with entrepreneurs like you is impressive. Let us prove it to you! 

Franchising is a refreshing and safer investment than an endless search for waiting for an existing business to "fall into your lap" approach. Ask around and you will find that investors have had a more pleasant experience with a franchise concept. Try Googling it, you will find that what we say is very true.  

   Warm regards,
Daniel Patrick Myers



Blue Coast Burrito

Comfort Suites


DVDNow Kiosks

Golf USA

Good Feet

House of Bread

In2it Nutrition & Fitness


Junk King


Pirtek USA

Steak n Shake

Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Recently Added


Beyond by Aerus

Boca Tanning Opportunities Inc.

Childrens Orchard

EZFingerPrints Franchise Group, LLC.

Focal Point Business Coaching

Great Harvest Bread Co.

Healthcare Practice Partners

Jomsom Staffing Services

Marigold Pest Services

McFadden's Restaurant and Saloon

Millennium Dance Complex

Mini Melts

Monster Mini Golf

Over Easy

Style Trader

Tasty Image

The Go To Crew


Xpresso Delight